Don’t just take my word for it, these are some of the kind words my athletes have provided.

I turned to Craig to coach and prepare me for a couple of ultramarathons I have planned this year. I have finished ultramarathons before but have fallen into the trap of training purely slow and long. When Craig asked me what my objective was, I replied that I’d like to feel stronger and finish these events stronger. IContinue reading “Dan I.”

Dan I.

I got in touch with Craig at Love The Run for some much needed accountability after signing up for Edinburgh Marathon. I was offered so much more with his enthusiasm, encouragement, and his knowledge. After our initial meeting I was already feeling motivated to get going and within a few days my personalised training planContinue reading “Sarah K.”

Sarah K.

Craig got me into running 6 years ago and has been there all the way along my journey from struggling to do a 5k run to regularly running half marathons.   During that time he has given me advice on runs and routines to help me improve and suggestions on what I could do toContinue reading “Paul M.”

Paul M.

Craig created a training plan for my first ultra marathon; the Ham & Lyme 50km. He listened to my objectives and developed a schedule that was easy to follow and could be adapted according to my routine. I enjoyed the flexibility and varied nature of the plan which also incorporated beneficial strength and conditioning sessions.Continue reading “Lauren E.”

Lauren E.