Dan I.

I turned to Craig to coach and prepare me for a couple of ultramarathons I have planned this year. I have finished ultramarathons before but have fallen into the trap of training purely slow and long. When Craig asked me what my objective was, I replied that I’d like to feel stronger and finish these events stronger. I have the additional complication of historical injuries that constantly need managing and that can be aggravated by certain types of runs and we have worked together to ensure that, if necessary, I take a step back or shift the focus of the training for a while.  It is important for me to have that flexibility and Craig is always willing to listen and take my feedback on board and adjust.

Craig is very knowledgeable and very dedicated to his running and coaching. I trust in his abilities, and he has devised a varied and much more scientific training plan than my ‘slow and long’ one and I enjoy the variety of runs even if sometimes I don’t entirely fancy doing all of them! I always know what’s expected of me for at least a couple of weeks in advance which really helps when planning around work and family life. I’ve had to make last minute adjustments and changes on quite a few occasions and Craig is always on hand to help.

As my first event gets closer Craig will also be helping me with a fuelling strategy, a positive mentality and sorting out my technology (as I’m a bit of a technophobe in honesty!) all key components of ultramarathon running and crucial pieces of the jigsaw. 

I have enjoyed working with Craig. He is friendly and approachable and has a great depth of knowledge and real interest in all aspects of running. I feel that we’re working together as a team to achieve a goal and to me that collaborative coaching dynamic is the way it should work.