At Love The Run Coaching, I only offer bespoke coaching plans. You won’t find anything off-the-shelf here. I’m pleased to be able to support my athletes with remote running coaching wherever they live, be that in Wiltshire or further afield.

Each and every athlete is treated as an individual with their own set of unique circumstances and training needs. Whichever coaching package you choose, be assured that your plan will be created just for you. It be will designed in collaboration with you from the ground-up taking into account your current ability, your availability to train and your individual running goals amongst a host of other factors.

There’s a common misconception amongst runners that by simply running more miles or running harder and faster more often you will automatically become a better runner. For some this is indeed true, but for the majority of runners, I believe smarter training will pay greater dividends. Smarter means training with specificity, at a level that allows for consistent running, minimising injury risk, whilst also allowing adequate recovery for training adaptations to take place (where the magic happens!).

It’s better to go into a race 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained.

Dr. Steve Gangemi

Coached Plans

If you’re looking to take your training to the next level then this is the package for you. Choosing a coached package allow me to cater for your athletic development over the long-term, taking into account your full running calendar and any life events. It offers the most flexibility in adjusting training as you progress and around the inevitable complications that can interfere with static training plans.

  • Rolling contract

You will receive:

  • An initial welcome meeting to get to know you and to get you set up (remote)
  • A bespoke ongoing training plan (hosted in TrainingPeaks)
  • Weekly plan revisions that adapt your plan as you progress
  • Regular feedback on your workouts (via TrainingPeaks)
  • Unlimited changes to your plan, especially useful when life throws a curve-ball
  • Unlimited access to me via email, text and messaging apps
  • A weekly check-in call with me by phone or video as required

The key to successful coaching is to keep training both flexible and achievable. Communication between us will be key as will paying close attention to how you are adapting to training stimuli and making adjustments where necessary.

My role as your coach will likely be as dynamic as your plan! Alongside producing your training plan, I will be there to motivate you on the tough days and to hold you back if needed to prevent you from overtraining. Regardless, I will be there to support you each and every step of the way.

Tailored Plans

If monthly coaching is not for you then I also offer bespoke static plans. You will still receive a plan built just for you – however this will be a static plan without any ongoing coach involvement. You will be responsible for any alterations you need to make to the plan as you progress. These plans are ideal if you’re training for a specific event or simply need a steer in the right direction with your training and are happy managing a plan yourself.

12 Week Plan
  • Minimum duration
Plan Extension
  • Per 4 weeks

You will receive:

  • An initial welcome meeting to find out more about you and to talk through your needs (remote)
  • A bespoke plan covering the period of your choosing built just for you (delivered in PDF format)